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Where Can I Watch Videos

where can i watch videos

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Video - Least Tern on Nest

Video - Least Tern on Nest

This afternoon I decided to stop by and visit an area where I had seen Least Tern activity several weeks ago. After not seeing any birds for several minutes my ears finally heard the cackling of a Least Tern as it flew in to deliver a meal to it's mate sitting on a nest.

I was able to get some video and a few pictures with minimal distraction to the birds by setting up the camera in some grasses several yards from the nest. I then returned to my car where I watched with binoculars and activated the camera using a radio frequency remote that works up to 1000 feet away from the camera. For sensitive situations like these, it is a handy tool to have in the bag!

I have already notified the proper individuals in care of the Least Tern program for the state so they can take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the nest site.




This really is a bad idea, if people want to watch or upload video they can go to youtube or myspace. flickr was supposed to be a place to upload and showcase your photography NOT your home videos.
Flickr is where I you can appreciate the power and beauty of the single frame it now seems this is about to change and flickr will turn into some kind of Flickrtube!
This also stinks of Yahoo getting ready to sell out to Microsoft and if that happens you can bet they will want Flickr to rival youtube and myspace.
This really sucks....Join the Movement.


where can i watch videos

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